Course 1 - Management Principles

Course 2 - Communicating for Effect

Course 3 - Coaching and Influencing Performance

Course 4 - Delegation Empowerment and Control

Course 5 - Managing Time and Personal Planning

Course 6 - Managing Differences and Valuing Diversity


Program cost is $714.29 +GST per participant

Overall Objectives:

At the conclusion of this program you will be able to:

  1. Deal with typical situations faced by the newly-appointed manager.

  2. Describe the essential balance of managing and leading.

  3. Communicate effectively with employees, managers, and peers.

  4. Reinforce departmental performance through direct report supervisors.

  5. Effectively delegate to employees and work teams.

  6. Plan efficient and effective use of management time.

  7. Build effective and productive teams.

Management & Leadership Skills

Online Certificate Program

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Overall Objectives:

Organizational Politics is a course based upon the first true textbook on organizational politics which blends research, theory, experience, and skill-building into a comprehensive yet concise guide to the effective use of organizational politics entitled Political Behavior in Organizations.

Summarizing power and influence in organizations, author Andrew J. DuBrin covers the nature and context of political behavior in organizations; the strategies and tactics of positive organizational politics, including developing interpersonal relationships; and the vital topics of negative tactics, blunders, and overcoming dysfunctional politics.

This course will cover the following topics in detail from the text, including exercises and discussion:

  1.     The Nature and Causes of Organizational Politics

  2.     The Organizational Context and Ethics of Political Behaviour

  3.     Major Initiatives for Acquiring Power

  4.     Upward Relations

  5.     Lateral Relations

  6.     Downward Relations

  7.     Influence Tactics

  8.     Social Networks Within Organizations

  9.     Negative Political Tactics and Blunders

  10.     The Control of Dysfunctional Politics

Organizational Politics

Online Course

Overall Objectives:

This Customer Service Excellence course is designed to provide you with the opportunity to discover, “what is your pickle”. The session that you will attend includes a video, questions, and discussion about what customer service means to you and your business.  Benefits of this course include learning about what customer service means to you, other, your organization and its customers, and provides the tools and opportunity to set goals for the future.

Customer Service Excellence

Online Course